The Mito Foundation Awards 2017

The Mito Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the Mito Foundation Awards for 2017. The Awards were  presented during Global Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week to thank individuals for their significant contribution to the mito community. Awards have been gifted to volunteers, donors, and researchers, as well as people who have been making a difference to the foundation and community as a whole since the Mito Foundation began.

The winners of the Mito Foundation Awards are as follows:

The Mito Foundation Chairman’s Award

Toni Catton

Toni Catton supports the mito community and the foundation in a multitude of ways. She has fundraised and participated in Bloody Long Walk, hosted Stay in Bed Days, organised fundraising and awareness raising events, shared her daughter Alana’s story and has spoken at a Mito Information Day. Toni’s generosity in giving so much time to help others and raise awareness, while fighting for her daughter, is invaluable.

The Mito Foundation CEO’s Award

Jake Costello

Jake is long-time supporter of the Mito Foundation and is an active fundraiser. This year is the fourth time he has hosted the Mito Masters, a golf tournament held at the Australian Golf Club in support of his niece Mielle who has mito. The last three events have raised $130,000, and we look forward to this year’s tournament increasing that total. His dedication to Mielle and the mito community, through the Mito Masters is greatly appreciated.

The Mito Foundation Advocacy Award

Dan Loden

As a father whose child has mito, Dan is a passionate advocate for the Mito Foundation and has spoken with MPs to raise awareness about mito and mitochondrial donation. He also secured local Perth MP, Tim Hammond’s support of The Bloody Long Walk this year. Dan has shared his family’s story with the media and is a successful fundraiser. We thank Dan for his contribution to the community.

The Mito Foundation Award for Excellence in Mitochondrial Research

These awards are presented to researchers who have conducted exemplary work in the field of mitochondrial medicine.

Alison Compton with the Mito Foundation CEO Sean Murray

Alison Compton – Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
Biallelic Mutations in TMEM126B Cause Severe Complex I Deficiency with a Variable Clinical Phenotype

Ann Frazier with the Mito Foundation CEO Sean Murray

Ann Frazier – Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
ATAD3 gene cluster deletions cause cerebellar dysfunction associated with altered mitochondrial DNA and cholesterol metabolism