The Mito Foundation Incubator Grant



Professor Justin St John

Research Institute

Monash Institute of Medical Research-Prince Henry’s Institute

Research Title

Preventing the transmission of mutant mitochondrial DNA


Professor Justin St John is the Director of the Centre for Genetic Diseases at Monash Institute of Medical Research-Prince Henry’s Institute.

Professor St John’s previous research has produced groundbreaking results in the field of mitochondrial DNA and development. He has extensively studied how mitochondrial DNA interacts with the chromosomal genome in eggs, embryos and later during development. The work he is undertaking with the Mito Foundation will determine if replacing the mitochondrial genome is a safe and healthy practice for patients carrying mitochondrial DNA mutations. If it is, it will provide a reproductive technology to help prevent future generations from inheriting mitochondrial DNA mutations, which can have severe affects on health and quality of life.

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