Support Groups

Living with mito can be isolating and stressful, and many members of the mito community have expressed a desire to meet and connect with others sharing similar experiences.

Support groups offer a casual meet up and a chance to connect with other individuals and families who understand the challenges that the mito community face. Support groups generally meet every three to six months in a central location. Anyone who has a direct connection with mito is welcome to attend a support group.

Active support groups
Members of the mito community have established active support groups in the following areas:


The Adelaide Support Group meets for lunch twice a year, and has informal coffee meetings approximately three times a year. If you are interested in joining the Adelaide support group, please contact Mia Bell at


The Perth Support Group meets approximately three to four times a year. If you are interested in joining the Perth support group, please contact Fiona Elmer at


The Brisbane Support Group is led by mito community member, Tara Collyer and meets approximately twice a year. If you are interested in joining, please contact Tim Burchell at

Interested in having a support group in your area?

The Mito Foundation is working on establishing more support groups to meet the needs of the mito community.

If you are interested in establishing a support group in your area, please express your interest by contacting Tim, Mito Foundation Services Officer (contact details below).

The Mito Foundation provides support in establishing and running support groups by assisting with booking venues and catering, and promoting the group to the mito community. Please contact Catherine for further information if you would be interested in running a support group.

You can also connect with others affected by mito via the Mito Foundation Facebook group and Mito Connect Calls. You can get in touch with individuals in the mito community who are part of the The Mito Foundation support network.