Mito Foundation recently completed the first horizon scan for mitochondrial disease (mito) which aimed to find and monitor progress on existing and emerging treatments.

What did we look at? Everything from new tests to treatments and care options. It's all part of our plan to ensure Australians with mito can access new treatments. This includes access as part of a clinical study or as a part of their regular health care after clinical studies have finished.

Here's what we found:

The horizon scan found 59 mito treatments being researched. Most treatments are only for specific types of mito. Twenty-one of these have been tested in clinical studies to see if they work and are safe. Australians have participated in three of them.

Why did we do it? The horizon scan will help us track emerging treatments for mito. It's also there to help our research and policy teams make decisions about things like:

  • Where to invest money in research.
  • How to work with others to accelerate progress.
  • Support clinical trials to happen in Australia.
  • Making sure Australians can access the treatments they need.

What's next? The number of treatments we found in our horizon scan reflects significant progress in mito research over the last decade. However, the number of treatments Australians have had access to is less than we’d like. We’re starting important work to identify ways we can change this. We will keep using this information to ensure we're doing our best to accelerate access to mito treatments.

Learn more about participating in clinical studies here. 

Join the Mito Registry to stay informed about opportunities to participate in clinical studies.

If you want to learn more about the clinical studies mentioned, please contact, and our team will contact you.