The Mito Foundation holds a range of regular events to provide people impacted by mito with the latest medical information and the opportunity to connect with others who have similar experiences.

Mito Connect Calls are monthly one-hour video calls that provide practical information and support on topics relevant to the mito community. Question time is included, allowing attendees to share and learn from each other's experiences. A separate series of Wellbeing Mito Connect Calls offers support specifically on mental health and wellbeing.

Mito Information Days are held throughout the year in major cities (where possible) and live-streamed via Zoom to allow people with mito, and their carers, to access vital information from wherever they are. These events provide a unique opportunity to hear from and ask questions of leading mito researchers, medical professionals and other experts while giving attendees a space to meet and network with other mito community members.

Mito Meet-ups are regular state-based gatherings (either face-to-face or via Zoom) designed to provide a casual, relaxed and inviting space to connect with others impacted by mito in the local community. Mito Meet-ups are led by mito community members and help attendees build a social peer support network. A dedicated Mito Parents Meet-up connects parents of children with mito with others across the country.

Please click on the relevant event below to register. For those unable to attend, recordings of Mito Connect Calls and Mito Information Days are made available here following each event.

Upcoming events:

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Digital Mito Parents Meet-up – January 2022

Planning for school – Part 1 of 2 Planning for your child’s…

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Digital New South Wales and Queensland Mito Meet-up – February 2022

The topic for this first NSW/QLD Mito Meet-up in 2022 is planning…

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Genetic Counselling and Mito – Connect call

Have you heard of genetic counselling, or wondered how it might be…

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Digital National Mito Meet-up: February 2022

The topic for this first National Mito Meet-up in 2022 is planning…

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Digital Victoria and South Australia Mito Meet-up – February 2022

The topic for this first VIC/SA Mito Meet-up in 2022 is planning…

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