MicroscopeMito Foundation Booster Grants

The Mito Foundation is excited to make funds available to exceptional research into mitochondrial disease (mito) as part of its new Medical and Research Funding Strategy. This has been made possible by the fundraising efforts of the Foundation, including The Bloody Long Walk National Series.

Mito Foundation Booster Grants offer an exciting opportunity for those whose research was deemed of a high quality by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) but were unsuccessful in securing funding. In addition to providing up to $75,000 worth of funding, Mito Foundation Booster Grants may assist in securing future NHMRC funding.

Funding Round

Open: 11 December 2017
Close: 15 January 2018

Your Donations at Work

The Mito Foundation has funded work in the following areas:

Professor David Thorburn – Beyond the exome: enabling genomic diagnosis of virtually all patients with mitochondrial disease.

For More information and How to Apply

Click below to download our information and application form.

To apply, complete the form and send it to the Mito Foundation Grants Officer via grants@mito.org.au.

Please call (02) 8033 4113 if you have any queries.