Including a gift to the Mito Foundation in your will can help us fund vital research, support those with mitochondrial disease and raise awareness of this devastating condition.

When the time is right for you and after taking care of your loved ones, we ask that you consider leaving a gift to the Mito Foundation in your will.

There are many practical issues to consider when writing a will, and we strongly advise you to seek professional legal and financial advice.

Need more information? Email us at or call (02) 8033 4113 for a confidential discussion.

Key Information Required

The following key information is required by your solicitor for the preparation of your will:

Legal Name: Mito Foundation
ACN: 135 324 391
Registered Address: Suite 4, Level 6
9-13 Young St
Sydney NSW 2000


Please Let Us Know

After you have completed the formalities to include the Mito Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, please let us know. You need only tell us as much information as you wish and have the satisfaction of knowing you will help us in our mission to research for a cure, provide support to patients and their families and educate the medical profession and general public about mitochondrial disease.

Knowing of your bequest allows us to plan our future distribution of research and support funds with more confidence, and of course it allows us to acknowledge your donation in person; something we would much prefer rather than thanking the executor of your estate.