Welcome to your self-paced mitochondrial disease (mito) information journey. It's for anyone supporting children impacted by mito. When we say 'you' or 'your', we're acknowledging not just you but also your child and loved ones impacted by mito.

Continue your journey from a point that feels most relevant to you.

If you need more information or someone to talk to, call our helpline at 1300 977 180.

About mito

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Understand mito, its genetics, diagnosis, symptoms, and monitoring. Empower yourself with knowledge.

Build a care team

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Learn about health professionals and their roles, self-advocacy tips, and guidance on navigating the health system with mito.

Find support


Discover a range of support services and groups with valuable resources for anyone seeking community and support.

Hope for mito

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Stay up-to-date with research, advocacy, and awareness initiatives. There's hope for mito