This Christmas period, the Mito Foundation would like to recognise the tireless efforts of our mito parents. Kat is one of those parents.


Kat’s son Noah has mito which affects every part of him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. Noah has only 20 safe foods which he’s fed through a tube. He has spinal lesions requiring special braces on his legs and frequent stroke-like episodes. Yet, he still chooses to be happy.

Kat would never take any credit for Noah’s infectious zest for life, but we know she’s one of his secret weapons! Apart from making every day joyful for Noah, Kat is also tasked with all aspects of his care.

Kat is determined to give Noah a magical Christmas, especially given that each year could be their last.

But who do parents like Kat turn to when friends, family, even healthcare workers haven’t heard of mito?

“Having a child with mito can be really isolating. Without access to any information about it you feel very helpless indeed,” Kat said.

Parents often feel in the dark, isolated and crave information. They are desperate to learn more about symptom management, new medications and ways to help their child live the best life possible with this disease.

You can provide a lifeline for families just like families like Kat and Noah's by funding a support network that is uniquely close-knit.

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