Clinical trials are key to developing and evaluating treatments for mito. Mito Foundation Clinical Trial Support Grants seek to support high-quality clinical trials that provide reliable evidence of health interventions for mito to increase their chance of success.

This funding opportunity seeks to support:

  • Stream 1: A pilot clinical trial focussed on diagnosis, natural history, treatment, and/or management of primary mitochondrial disease. Applicants should propose research that tests the feasibility of an intervention and generates pilot data that could be leveraged to support larger and more definitive trials.
  • Stream 2: A clinical trial of a treatment and/or management-based intervention for primary mitochondrial disease. Funding from another organisation is a requirement, Mito Foundation will only provide supplementary funding towards this type of project.

Funding information

Mito Foundation will offer 1 or 2 charitable grants with budgets between A$100,000 – A$200,000 for a period of 12 – 36 months. We encourage applications with co-funding from another organisation. Funding from another organisation is a requirement for stream 2 projects.

Applicants are encouraged to seek strategic partnerships, including relevant health professionals, pharmaceutical company partners, etc.

Applications that propose to assess interventions for which a commercial return is unlikely are encouraged.

Mito Foundation reserves the right not to award Clinical Trial Support funding in any given year.

Important dates

Grant applications open: 2 February 2024

Grant applications close: 15 March 2024

Outcomes announcement: Late May 2024

  • Research must be focussed on primary mitochondrial disease.
  • Project must be conducted in Australia. Lead applicant must have a position at an Australian hospital or research institute.
  • Pre-clinical or lab-based projects are not eligible for this funding mechanism.
Funding guidelines
Selection process

How to apply

To apply for the Mito Foundation Clinical Trial Support Grant please prepare:

  • Mito Foundation Clinical Trial Support Grant Application Form
  • Applicant CV (maximum 2 pages)
  • Co-applicant and group leader CVs (if applicable, maximum 2 pages)
  • Please confirm your reporting requirements from previous Mito Foundation funding are up to date

Compile all documents in 1 PDF document and email to

Application form

This grant round is closed. Outcomes will be announced in late May 2024.

Report templates

Please contact if you require additional information regarding your existing grant reporting requirements.


Please email any enquiries to