Finding good health information online

The internet is an endless resource, but not everything you find is correct, especially when it comes to health advice. It's crucial to have accurate health information to make informed decisions.

This video provides tips on how to find trustworthy health information online. These tips guide you to reliable sources, explain what to look for, and offer support in finding quality health information on the internet.

Disclaimer: Resources provided by the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Limited (Mito Foundation), offers general information and is not a substitute for medical advice. It is essential to assess the suitability of the content for your individual circumstances and make decisions based on your medical condition. The information’s accuracy is subject to change, and we do not guarantee ongoing currency or availability. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, Mito Foundation is not obligated to provide updated information. The copyright for this document and its content belongs to, or is licensed to, Mito Foundation, and reproduction without prior written consent is prohibited.

Author(s): Mito Foundation
Version: 2
Date published: Tuesday 19 December 2023