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Mito meet-ups are led by mito community members and offer you the opportunity to connect with the mito community.

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Below are the start times based on State/Territory:
🕥QLD, ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC: 10.30 am
🕙SA, NT: 10.00 am
🕣WA: 08.30 am

Get to know your hosts:

Shelley grew up in South Africa but relocated to Tasmania in 2010, whereas Matthew resides in Melbourne, Victoria. Shelley and Matthew have been members of the mito community for many years.

Shelley has a significant maternal family history of mito, leading to her MELAS diagnosis. Shelley experiences various ongoing symptoms, including hearing loss, high blood pressure, diabetes and muscle fatigue. Shelley’s passion is raising awareness of mito to enact legislative change for the community.

Matthew was diagnosed with MELAS after an extended stay in the hospital, leading to his diagnosis. Matthew experiences ongoing symptoms, including high blood pressure, diabetes, hearing loss and persistent pain. Matthew continues to participate in medical trials to advance research and awareness of mito.

Shelley believes her role and participation in the meet-ups provide a space of safety and an opportunity to share stories and resources, allowing others to feel supported when seeking guidance. Matt feels his role is to ensure a supportive and motivating environment to learn from others. Together they like to provide a positive space where all can enjoy their time together and highlight their rewarding and positive experiences at meet-ups.

The topic for this Digital Mito Meet-up is the benefits of nature. Oceans or Mountains?
Watch this short video discussing the mental health benefits of being outside https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV5MEP3Bgkc


Sat 10 Jun 2023

Start Time

10:30 am AEST

End Time

11:30 am AEST

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