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April’s Connect Call will be led by Laura Barker, our wonderful Peer Support Coordinator. Laura will explain how she facilitates mito community connections through Mito Meet-ups and our peer support network, and how you can get involved.

The peer support network allows unique one-on-one support by facilitating connections within the mito community, reducing feelings of isolation and building hope. Peer support mentors offer support from lived experience, and understand the impact of mito in day-to-day life. Our devoted mentors understand the challenges of mito better than anyone else. Our mentors are adults affected by mito, parents of children impacted by mito, caregivers and siblings from varying age groups, demographics and backgrounds.


Laura Barker B&W

Laura Barker

Laura is a Peer Support Coordinator, based in Perth where she has been working in emergency health care for fifteen years, and currently working in the intensive care unit as a registered nurse.

She was diagnosed with Mitochondrial myopathy (CPEO) in 2016, after having symptoms since childhood. During a progressive phase and post-diagnosis, she struggled to accept the reality of living with mito. But she realised how little people knew about such an impactful condition, which created a passion to raise awareness for mito. With her own experience of a sense of belonging and understanding, she aspires to contribute to the individuals who are impacted by mito.

The start time based on State/Territory:

  • ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS or VIC: 11:00am
  • SA, NT: 10:30am
  • WA: 9:00am


Wed 26 Apr 2023

Start Time

11:00 am AEST

End Time

12:00 pm AEST

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