Mitochondria are the power houses of the cell providing the body with over 90% of the energy it needs to sustain life. Mitochondria take in sugars and proteins from the food we eat and produce energy called ATP that our bodies use to function properly. Mitochondrial disease is a debilitating and potentially fatal disease that reduces the ability of the mitochondria to produce this energy. When the mitochondria are not working properly, cells begin to die until eventually whole organ systems fail and the patient’s life is compromised.

The Mito Foundation offers information about mitochondrial disease, professional development options and provides support and resources for your patients.

Mitochondrial Disease Health Professionals Guide

The Mitochondrial Disease Health Professionals Guide has been developed to help you care for patients with mitochondrial disease and those you suspect may have mitochondrial disease. The information is evidence-based and has been developed in consultation with mito experts and the mito community. 

Resources for health professionals to help identify mitochondrial disease

Consensus-based recommendations for health professionals who diagnose and manage patients with mitochondrial disease

How the Mito Foundation supports your patients with diagnosed or suspected mitochondrial disease

For continuing professional education, GP modules, webinars and resources

Find a specialist mito clinic for your patient

Mito Professionals Directory

Expanding the number of health professionals willing to see patients with mitochondrial disease is key to improving rates of diagnosis and quality of care. The Mito Professionals Directory is used by Mito Foundation to connect patients with health professionals. 

If you are a health professional with experience or knowledge in treating patients with mitochondrial disease and would like to join the Directory, please fill out the form here.

By joining the Directory you will gain access to regular updates on mitochondrial disease research and gain access to the live webinars run by mitochondrial disease specialists and other educational resources.

We will not publish your details anywhere online and you can request to be removed from the Directory at any time.

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Organisations for health professionals

The Mito Medical Network is a newly formed professional body for all specialists working in the area of mitochondrial disease.

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