Donating a portion of the profits from your business is a popular way to support people living with mito. Here are some examples:


Joel Hood

Joel raises money through his real estate business, Joel Hood Property in honour of his daughter Maeve who has mito. Generous clients donate a portion of their property sale proceeds, raising thousands of dollars for people living with mito.

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Paul Touma

Paul the Plantman is a Sydney based horticulturalist who runs a nursery and sells at local markets.  At each market, he puts up information about mito and collects donations. Paul and his partner Gihan support the foundation after losing their 11 month old son to mito over 20 years ago.


Kerrie Vrana

Kerrie runs the Little Olive café - a mobile coffee trailer.  She keeps a collection jar on her serving bench and also uses the café for fundraising events, including a vital presence at the start line of the Bloody Long Walk in Melbourne! Kerrie has raised thousands for people living with mito, like her gorgeous granddaughter Maeve.


Get in touch at or call (02) 8033 4113 to discuss. Or create a fundraising page here to donate your funds and keep track of how much you have raised.