The Mito Foundation Research and Medical Grant Program supports high quality, impactful research and clinical work in the field of primary mitochondrial disease (mito). Since 2010, Mito Foundation has committed more than A$8 million to support researchers and clinicians around the world. Today, Mito Foundation is the second largest philanthropic funder of mito research worldwide.  

Mito Foundation supports projects across all research areas, including discovery, clinical medicine and science, health services and public health. We welcome high quality proposals directly relevant to mito from research scientists, clinicians, and allied health professionals. 

Research Priority Areas

The objective of the Mito Foundation Research & Medical Grant Program is to achieve the maximum possible impact by funding the world’s best research into primary mito across four priority areas:

AussieMit 2024

Join us at AussieMit 2024, Australia's premier mitochondrial conference. It will take place 26 – 29 November at Melbourne Museum. Connect with researchers, health professionals, and those impacted by mitochondrial disease. After AussieMit, attend the 3rd annual Mito Community Summit hosted by the Mito Foundation. Learn more about the Mito Community Summit here.

Shape the future of mito research with us!

Working with the mito community

Mito Foundation can support you in understanding more about the experience of the Australian mito community and ways to work collaboratively with them. We encourage researchers to read about our work to amplify the mito community's voice and be familiar with key aspects of mito for any projects directly involving community members.

Funding Guidelines

  1. Mito Foundation funds high quality and impactful research into primary mitochondrial disease (mito).  
  2. All applications are subject to expert peer review.  
  3. Some funding opportunities are restricted to Australian applicants. 
  4. Mito Foundation takes a permissive approach and encourages applicants to contact us if their intended proposal aligns with our research priority areas but does not fit a prescribed Mito Foundation funding mechanism.  
  5. All successful applications are subject to reporting and compliance requirements as indicated in the funding agreement. 
  6. Mito Foundation funding cannot be used to cover on-costs, infrastructure or other indirect costs.

Mito Foundation recognises the impact of research within and beyond the academic environment. Read our Impact Areas and Indicators Guideline for more information.

For any application to be eligible, research must be focussed on primary mitochondrial disease and all required information must be properly submitted. 

Annual Funding Opportunity

The next grant round will open in 2025.

Mechanism Objective Amount (duration)
Clinical Fellowship
Learn more
Train Australian clinicians to provide the best possible care for individuals with primary mitochondrial disease A$100,000
(1 year)
Translational Research Grants*
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Support exceptional researchers who have the capability to rapidly transform research discoveries into clinical practice A$100,000/year
(2 years)

*overseas-based applications welcome

Bi-annual Grant Opportunity

We are transitioning our Quarterly Grant Round to a Bi-annual Grant Round. This means application rounds will open twice a year. This will only affect the below funding opportunities. The next funding round for these grants will now open in August 2024

Mechanism Objective Amount (duration)
Incubator Grants*
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Facilitate preliminary research to enable researchers to apply for subsequent funding from external/independent bodies to complete the project A$25,000
(1 year)

*overseas-based applications welcome

Strategic Grant Opportunities (Ad Hoc)

Mechanism Objective Additional Information
Project Grants* Boost high-quality research into primary mitochondrial disease that does not fit into one of our prescribed funding mechanisms

Funding available is variable.
For more information and how to apply, contact or call 02 8033 4113. Please contact us to discuss your project before applying to ensure it aligns with Mito Foundation’s research strategy.

Partnership Grants* Enable highly experienced national and international researchers and medical professionals to conduct ground-breaking research and medical projects into Mito Foundation’s research priority areas

Funding available is variable.
For more information and how to apply, contact or call 02 8033 4113.

*overseas-based applications welcome