Grief can be a response to many situations when living with a chronic illness, such as living with the realities of a diagnosis or anticipating the loss of a loved one. 

Grief is a natural response to loss and can affect us in many ways:
  • Grief can affect our emotions and may include a wide range of feelings, such as sadness, anger or guilt.
  • Grief can affect us physically and mentally, for example disturbing our sleep or making it hard to focus.
  • Grief can affect us socially and spiritually, sometimes making us want to withdraw from others or question our beliefs about the world.
Photo of Nathan MacArthur, Grief Counsellor.

"In my experience, everyone experiences grief and loss differently and this is particularly true when you are living with a chronic health condition or supporting others going through this experience. Often people cope with grief in their own ways and in their own time. Additional support can be helpful if you feel like you're struggling to cope. There are a number of services that specialise in helping families impacted by grief. I'd encourage you to reach out to one of these organisations to find out how they can help you to navigate the challenges you're experiencing and support you to feel less alone in your grief."

Nathan MacArthur

Grief Counsellor and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Sydney Grief Counselling Services.


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There are many services available to support individuals and families through grief and loss, including the organisations listed below:

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