Mito Foundation is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of people impacted by mitochondrial disease (mito) and driving improvements in treatment, preventions and cures. We do this through the support services and events available to mito community members, as well as a strong focus on driving research into mito, into new therapies and advocating for improvements in health services, diagnosis and treatments.

We do this in collaboration with mito community members who contribute their experiences to setting our advocacy priorities, informing our submissions and being involved in policy development that affects the mito community. Click here to meet the Mito Community Advisory Panel.

Celebrating progress 

$8.2 million

Improving diagnosis

Australian research and advocacy have led to Medicare funding of genetic testing for mito in Australia. Genetic testing has the potential to make diagnosing mito faster, easier and more precise.


Improving health care

The recent publication of Patient Care Standards for mito is helping to improve health care in Australia by equipping health professionals with the information they need to provide high quality care.


Preventing mito

Australia is the second country in the world to legalise mitochondrial donation, an IVF technique that will allow some families with mito to avoid passing their gene change to the next generation. Read more about Mitochondrial donation and mitoHOPE.

Explore studies that will help advance medical treatments for mito and improve health outcomes for individuals affected by mito

Mito Registry

The Mito Registry's main goal is to gather patient data to bring clinical trials to Australia. This helps our mito community access the newest medicines and treatments.

Mito Community Voice

The mito community voice drives the Mito Foundation’s work. We actively and regularly seek input from Australians impacted by mito, their families and carers to guide our priorities and contribute to our work towards better outcomes for the mito community.

In 2016, Bec was diagnosed with mito, after having symptoms for many years. It was really tough for her to hear that there's no treatment or cure for mito. She had to face the reality of living with her symptoms every day. But with the love and support of her family and friends, she didn't let mito stop her. In 2017, she started Girl with the Green Bow, a platform where she shares her mito journey. Despite the challenges, Bec keeps going and living her life to the fullest.

Your donations at work

Thank you to all our supporters for making a real difference for people impacted by mito.

Your support has helped to improve diagnosis, fund world-class research and connect community members with helpful information and referrals.

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Raising awareness of mito