This year Mito Information Days look a little different. That's because, through your input and suggestions, each event is tailored for a specific location or interest area. Last year, we asked what you wanted to hear about, how and from whom. We also asked how we can connect you with others in your local community.

In March, we trialled this approach with our Brisbane Mito Information Day. We held our first interactive exercise workshop and art therapy session. Both were rated highly by attendees.

We have Mito Information Day events planned this year that will:

  • Cover paediatric care and mitochondrial disease (mito)
  • Connect rural and remote community members online and showcase available support services
  • Profile leading mito research and researchers
  • Include activities focussed on wellbeing and interaction, such as art therapy sessions

Thanks to all community members who shared their thoughts and guided the development of Mito Information Day programs that help to connect you to the information and support you need.

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