Mitochondrial disease (mito) is complex. Two people with mito can have very different symptoms and considerations for medication. Talk to your health professional before making any changes to your medication. This will help inform you about any risks associated with mito.
Mito Foundation recognises there are many sources of information about medication for people impacted by mito. In 2020, International Mito Patients (IMP) published the list of medicines to be used with caution in primary mitochondrial disease1.  This publication replaces the 2015 Safe Medicines list published by IMP.  
This is a list of medicines (drugs) compiled by a group of mito experts after careful consideration of clinical and scientific evidence. Before you introduce any medication from this list, you should first speak to your doctor. To help guide the conversation, you may want to take the following PDFs created by IMP:
Other sources include the Mitochondrial Disorders: Medicines to Avoid2 produced by Medsafe in 2017. It may contain different advice, due to different methods used in their research as well as the evidence available when it was developed.
As there are a few resources you can access, it is important to first speak with your health professional before making any changes to the medicines you take. If you need assistance finding a health professional, please reach out to our Helpline.



  1. List of medicines to be used with caution in primary mitochondrial disease. International Mito Patients (IMP) website, published February 2020. This replaces the 2015 safe medicines list produced by IMP.
  2. Mitochondrial Disorders: Medicines to Avoid. New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority (Medsafe), produced June 2017

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