Mito Information Days are half-day events designed to give people impacted by mitochondrial disease (mito) the opportunity to see presentations from and speak with, leading researchers and medical professionals.

Mito Information Days are held in most major capital cities around Australia to give you the chance to meet others with mito and become a part of the mito community in your city. These events include networking activities and a Mito Meet-Up (peer support group) to help foster connections.

If you cannot attend a Mito Information Day, there is the option to join online; each presentation is live-streamed and is supported by captions to assist anyone with hearing impairment. After each event, recordings of the presentations can be found on the Resource Hub.

It is very good to be able to view the Mito Information Day online and be able to ask questions. This is invaluable in connecting people and helping them feel less isolated and misunderstood by the medical community regarding their symptoms and condition. It is also great to see the research being done, and it holds great promise for people. - Mito Community member.

What should Mito Information Days cover?

Mito Information Days will change in 2023 to better reflect the mito community's needs. This is your event, so please tell us what is important to you. It can include:

  • Preferred dates for the event
  • Topics that interest you
  • Speakers you want to hear from
  • Activities to connect with other community members

Please complete a short five-minute survey for the State you live in to help shape this event.

Brisbane Mito Information Day 2023

We hope you can join the first Mito Information Day for 2023….

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