The Leigh Syndrome International Consortium, a patient-driven research network steered by five of the world’s leading mitochondrial disease patient advocacy groups, is delighted to announce it will grant a total of $179,000 USD to six research teams that are actively working toward improving diagnosis, developing treatments and optimising clinical care for Leigh syndrome patients.

As one of the five partner organisations of this world first collaboration, the Mito Foundation is committed to accelerating research which will develop global best practices of care for Leigh syndrome patients.

The recipients are: 

Institution: University of Pittsburg

Applicant: Michael Palladino

Project: Novel dietary and pharmacological therapies in a Drosophila model of maternally inherited Leigh syndrome

Award: $50,000 USD

Institution: Regents of the University of California

Applicant: Gino Cortopassi

Project: Fumarates for Leigh syndrome

Award: $30,000 USD

Institution: Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research

Applicant: Albert Lim

Project: Leigh syndrome: Investigating outcome measure & natural history (LION) - a prospective, longitudinal cohort study.

Award: $25,000 USD

Institution: University of Iowa

Applicant: Dao-Fu Dai

Project: The role of microglia, NAD+ and mitochondrial ROS in Leigh syndrome

Award: $15,000 USD

Institution: Fondazione Telethon

Applicant: Brunella Franco

Project: Therapeutic efficacy of miR-181a/b down regulation in Leigh syndrome

Award: $25,000 USD

Institution: Heinrich Heine University (HHU)

Applicant: Alessandro Prigione

Project: iPSC-driven repositioning of PDE5 inhibitors for Leigh syndrome patients carrying MT-ATP6 mutations

Award: $34,000 USD