Mitochondrial disease can be very difficult to diagnose given the wide range of clinical presentations with onset at any time. It affects 1 in 4,300 people, making it one of the most commonly diagnosed serious genetic diseases.

Most primary health carers will at some stage care for a patient with mitochondrial disease. On average, ten out of 2,000 patients at a general practice will have a genetic variation that has the potential to cause mitochondrial disease.


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GPs play a pivotal role in diagnosing and managing patients with mitochondrial disease, according to a Sydney neurologist, Dr Christina Liang from Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney.

Maybe it’s Mitochondrial Disease is aimed at increasing GP’s awareness and knowledge about mito.

The Maybe it's Mitochondrial Disease module is currently under review and re-accreditation for the 2023-25 CPD Triennium.

The Mito Foundation believes there are thousands of patients in Australia, who are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and do not have access to the specialist care they desperately need.


Recognising Mito -
GP Infographic

This infographic is aimed at GPs and includes information about possible symptoms.

Australian Doctor – How to Treat Mitochondrial Disease

Targeted at General Practitioners and featured in the Australian Doctor publication, this in depth article covers the pathogenesis, clinical assessment and management of patients with mitochondrial disease. The article also includes case studies and a ‘How to Treat’ quiz to test your knowledge.

An Introduction to Mitochondrial Disease -
Patient Information Factsheet

This factsheet outlines possible symptoms and information on management. It can be printed and provided to patients.

*Data from The Mitochondrial Disease 2018 Australian PEEK (Patient, Experience, Expectations and Knowledge) study.

** Red flag symptoms can include diabetes, seizures and ‘salt and pepper’ retinopathy. Find out more in our Infographic. Print and take the infographic to your GP to assist in discussion.

The Maybe it’s Mito content has been produced by Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness in partnership with Australian Doctor Group, with an independent educational grant from the Mito Foundation.