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"My mental health... has been a problem throughout, and continues to be a problem. I've had problems where it (my mental health) has been incredibly low and I've had two periods where I've had to go into hospital... eventually, I went and sought help. I was a bit slow to do that, but when I did... there was help there" 
- Adult Mito Patient

You Don't Need To Address Your Mental Health Alone

The 2018 Patient Experience, Expectations and Knowledge (PEEK) study commissioned by the Mito Foundation found that a large proportion of Australian patients with mitochondrial disease (mito) are experiencing mental health issues. About 40% of respondents reported suffering anxiety, sleep issues and/or depression, which is two to three times higher than the national average.

Mito is a complex and challenging journey, both physically and emotionally, where one can go through many different stages of emotions and changes in their lives. The Mito Foundation has committed to raising awareness of the prevalence and types of mental health issues in the mito community and providing additional support regarding emotional wellbeing.

Feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety or worry are normal and expected when you have a chronic health condition, or are providing care for a loved one. At various stages of the mito journey, there may be times where these feelings and emotions can overwhelm you and begin to impact how you live your daily life or cause you significant distress in trying to manage the challenges of mito.

If you would like to have a confidential chat with someone who understands mito and what you are going through, or would like to learn what options and services are available to support you, please call our Helpline on 1300 977 180.

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