Mito Connect Calls are monthly support sessions held via teleconference.  They are open to everyone affected by mito.

Mito Connect Calls provide a virtual space for members of the mito community to connect with each other. We hope they will go a little way to ease the isolation that many people experience, whether due to geographical location and/or health issues.

They include guest speakers such as clinicians, researchers and allied health workers to provide information and answer your questions.

Feedback from recent attendees

"A really valuable discussion with great engagement from all attending"

"I have ticked 'a lot' and 'very likely' because the presentation was also about linking with families/individuals in similar situations - this was done extremely well and I cannot be more pleased with the calibre of presenter"

"The presenter consistently linked the discussion with the topic. It was relaxed, friendly and extremely supportive"

"The presentation was great and the presenter was very knowledgeable"

Feedback from Mito Community Survey

  • 90% people would recommend Mito Connect Calls
  • 84% people positively rated the presenters' expertise
  • 75% people felt Mito Connect Calls improved their knowledge of mito

The calls have been created for the mito community, and we will invite your feedback after every session.

Please read the following guidelines before joining a call.

We understand that it can be daunting to speak about your experiences with people you may not have met before. To help you prepare for the call, read our Mito Connect Call tips.

Please contact the foundation with suggestions and input on 1300 977 180 or email

What to expect on a Mito Connect Call

A Mito Foundation staff member will welcome you when you dial in. Once everyone has dialed in, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself. The call is then open for participants to ask questions and share their experiences. The Mito Foundation staff member will remain on the call, however, participants are encouraged to speak among themselves. If you would prefer to listen without speaking that’s okay too.

We hope these calls help ease the isolation often experienced due to either geographic location or health issues.

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