These guidelines have been prepared to assist you as a participant in our Digital Mito events.

To ensure that all participants get the most out of the Mito Foundation digital events, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be respectful and nonjudgmental of everyone’s right to participate equally, or not to participate at all.
  • Active Listening should always be adhered to when someone is sharing. Please no interrupting, not passing judgment, and listening attentively.
  • The facilitator or guest speaker of the meeting is entitled to interrupt and move the conversation along.
  • Please take a break from the session when needed to look after oneself.
  • Refrain from giving medical advice. Every case of mito is different.
  • What is shared in the call is confidential. Do not mention what is discussed outside the group setting.

If you require assistance with Zoom to attend our events please contact our Helpline and we would be happy to assist you.