Below are some guidelines to follow when participating in connect calls.

For actual call instruction including how to call in view the connect call event details in the "Upcoming Connect Call" section.

To ensure that all participants get the most out of the Mito Foundation teleconferences, please follow these guidelines:

  • When speaking, please introduce yourself using your first name. Please let the group know you have finished by stating ‘that’s all’ or ‘I’m done’.
  • Do not interrupt or speak over someone else
  • Remember that what is shared in the group is confidential. Do not mention what is discussed outside the group setting
  • Refrain from swearing, insulting other group members, or making remarks intended to humiliate or offend.
  • Refrain from giving medical advice. Every case of mito is different and what works for one person may be harmful to another.
  • Try and stay on topic and wait for a later time to mention unrelated matters. There will be an opportunity at the end of each discussion to suggest new topics, depending on time these may be addressed during the call or postponed for a subsequent teleconference.
  • Don’t dominate the conversation. Make sure there is enough time for everyone to have a say.
  • The Mito Foundation does not necessarily endorse or support opinions expressed by others in the group.
  • Above all, respect other speakers and be kind to one another.

Other tips:

  • Have a pen and paper to note down relevant information and thoughts to discuss at a later time.
  • Feel free to contribute but staying silent is also a valid offering to the group. We aim to make the teleconferences a valuable resource for the mito community, and value your feedback.

Please contact the foundation with suggestions and input on 1300 977 180 or email