For People Living With Mito

The Mito Foundation understands that finding health professionals who are familiar with mitochondrial disease can be challenging. This directory aims to improve health care options for the mito community.

Information about health professionals in the directory is available on request. Please contact the Mito Foundation’s Helpline or call us on 1300 977 180 to discuss health care providers that may be appropriate to you.

For Medical Professionals

If you are a medical professional with experience or knowledge in treating patients with mitochondrial disease and would like to join the Directory, please fill out the form below.

By joining the Directory you will gain access to the Health Professionals Resource Pack, live webinars run by mitochondrial disease specialists and other educational resources.

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Disclaimer: The inclusion of any professionals in the Mito Professionals Directory does not imply endorsement by the Mito Foundation. Find out more about this here.