This resource provides information on genetic testing including what genetic testing is, how and when to access genetic testing, and how much it costs.

This fact sheet explains what clinical trials are, and what the process is for clinical trials in Australia.

This fact sheet explains the different between a clinical, biochemical and genetic diagnosis to help you understand your diagnosis.

This fact sheet outlines the role of a genetic counsellor, and why you should see one after a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease.

This fact sheet outlines the benefits of obtaining a genetic diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. It includes relevant case studies and is a useful document to provide to your GP and specialists.

This resource contains information on the use of anaesthetics and sedatives for mitochondrial disease patients undergoing surgery. It is designed to be shared with hospital staff and specialists.

This report was compiled by the Mito Foundation to provide an overview of the current state of play regarding mitochondrial disease. With contributions from Australia’s leading scientists and clinicians, patients and members of the Mito Foundation, the report is intended to start conversations about mito.

Developed by the Mito Foundation to help provide the facts about mitochondrial disease, the fact sheet is regularly updated as more information comes to hand. A must have resource to help understand mitochondrial disease.

The Patient Information Flyer provides information on what mitochondrial disease is, how many people are affected, and what support services are available for those affected. It can be given to friends, family, and medical practitioners to help them understand the disease.

Written by Dr. Karen Crawley, this booklet provides more in-depth information about mitochondrial disease and is intended as a resource for Medical Practitioners who may not have dealt with mitochondrial disease before.

Targeted at General Practitioners and featured in the Australian Doctor publication, this in depth article covers the pathogenesis, clinical assessment and management of patients with mitochondrial disease. The article also includes case studies and a ‘How to Treat’ quiz to test your knowledge.

Written and illustrated by long-time the Mito Foundation supporter Martine Vanderspuy with the help of Dean Crawley, A Little Book About Mito is a delightfully simple story to explain mitochondrial disease (Mito). This book has proven one of the most sought after resources from the patient and carer community. While intended for children, many adults have found this booklet most useful in coming to terms with the complexity of mitochondrial disease through the use of simple, concise language.