Mito Foundation welcomes government response to recommendations from Senate Inquiry on mitochondrial donation in Australia, whilst recognising the need for swift action for those impacted by mitochondrial disease (mito).

Changing the law to enable Australian parents access to mitochondrial donation is critical given that one child every week is born who will develop an avoidable form of mitochondrial disease and many of these children will die.

Read the Mito Foundation’s response to the Government response to the Senate Community Affairs Committee’s Report into The Science of Mitochondrial Donation and Related Matters.

Read the Government response.

Mitochondrial donation is an IVF technique (also known as mitochondrial replacement IVF technique, mitochondrial transplant or mitochondrial replacement) that could prevent transmission of mitochondrial disease (mito) from mother to child.

Currently this technique is not available in Australia.

The Mito Foundation is engaging with MPs, senators and government officials with the hope of changing government legislation to allow families affected by specific types of mito, the chance to have disease-free children. The process involves the CEO, board members, scientists, patients and their families meeting with politicians and generating media coverage to support the campaign.

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