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Mitochondrial Donation Symposia Presentations

john carroll youtube thumbnail

Prof John Carroll – Dean, Faculty of Biomedical and Psychological Sciences, Monash University

john christodoulou youtube thumbnail

Prof John Christodoulou – Director, Western Sydney Genetics Program









damian dowling youtube thumbnail

Dr Damian Dowling – Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Monash University

mary herbert youtube thumbnail

Prof Mary Herbert – Professor of Reproductive Biology, Newcastle University









nancy lee youtube thumbnail

Nancy Lee – Senior Policy Advisor, Policy Department, Strategy, Wellcome Trust

louise johnson youtube thumbnail

Louise Johnson – Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA)









rhonda murray youtube thumbnail

Rhonda Murray – strong family link to mitochondrial disease

ainsley newson youtube thumbnail

Dr Ainsley Newson – Senior Lecturer in Bioethics, The University of Sydney









mike ryan youtube thumbnail

Prof Mike Ryan – Head, Mitochondrial Laboratory, Monash University

david thorburn youtube thumbnail

Prof David Thorburn – Group Leader of Mitochondrial Research, Murdoch Childrens Research Institue









melbourne q&a panel youtube thumbnail

Q&A Panel – Melbourne

sydney q&a panel youtube thumbnail

Q&A Panel – Sydney