26 April 2018

New the Mito Foundation Funded Projects

Thanks to our generous supporters, the following projects have been approved for funding. Each project has been carefully selected to have maximum impact on people affected by mitochondrial disease (mito).  

Project 1 – Booster Grant

Aims to improve genetic testing to enable the diagnosis of most patients with mito, many of whom are currently undiagnosed. Early diagnosis will avoid the pain and heartache of years of searing for answers. It will also improve access to specialist care and clinical trials and allow patients to make informed reproductive decisions about having children.  

Project 2 – Booster Grant

Will establish the first national clinical database for adult patients with mito. It will be important in determining optimal care for treatment and evaluating current standards of care. It will also encourage future clinical trials in Australia, assist in family planning options and contribute to the prevention of mito. 

Project 3 – Translational Research Grant

Will evaluate the economic benefit of diagnosing mito using whole genome sequencing (WGS). This study will compare the cost of using the non-invasive WGS to the current standard diagnostic approach of clinical testing and muscle biopsy.  

Project 4 – PhD Top-up Scholarship

Will study mutations in a tiny molecular component called AGK, to uncover if and how its two functions cause Sengers syndrome, a type of mito.

Applications for Incubator Grants and PhD Top-up Scholarships are welcome all year round and will next be reviewed on 14 July. The next funding round for Clinical Fellowships will be announced soon.