Services Initiatives



The Mito Foundation is committed to increasing its range of support services available to the mitochondrial disease (mito) community. In 2015 we conducted a Services Survey to gather feedback on the existing patient services and to find out what more patients and their families need.

Key Feedback

Helpline: There was an overwhelmingly positive response about the Mito Foundation Helpline. The service was lauded and there was consensus about its value.


Support Groups: Many respondents indicated a desire for personal contact with other patients or carers. The Mito Foundation is developing a number of support group options – check out the recommendations below.



Mito Information Days: Recognised as a valuable resource, they are currently held in major cities. To make them more accessible to those in regional areas, the Mito Foundation aims to establish teleconferences with guest speakers, including clinicians and researchers.



Resources and Communication: The quality and quantity of online resources and communications received positive feedback. More web-based resources are being developed, some of which are detailed below.



Mitochondrial Disease Patient Registry: The registration process is reportedly simple and respondents are happy with the privacy policy. Promotion of the registry should increase, as many were unaware of it.



In response to the survey and furthering its commitment to supporting people affected by mito, the Mito Foundation has developed the following initiatives.