30 April 2018

The Mito Foundation Launches School Education Program

The Mito Foundation is excited to announce the launch of Mito 4 Kids, a school education program for children in years K-6 about mitochondrial disease (mito). This was produced in response to calls from the mito community to increase awareness about mito in schools. The Mito 4 Kids Kit includes information and activities that can be presented as a lesson to the whole class and a guide outlining how you can teach the program yourself. Click here to learn more and download the kit.

This material was designed to be presented at schools attended by children with mito, so that classmates and teachers could get a better understanding of how mito affects them. However, the material can also be used as a means of promoting understanding of a staff member’s experience with mito or by anyone wanting to raise awareness about mito in their school.

If you would like someone from the Mito Foundation to present Mito 4 Kids at your school, please contact the Mito Foundation’s Services Officer Tim Burchell at tim.burchell@mito.org.au