Review of WA laws could impact mito families

The WA Department of Health has invited the Mito Foundation to provide a submission into its independent review of the Western Australian Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 (HRT Act), to be conducted by legal academic Associate Professor Sonia Allan.

This is an exciting development that we hope will take us another step closer to a change in legislation to allow families access to mitochondrial donation and potentially prevent the transmission of mitochondrial disease (mito) from mother to child. The Mito Foundation will continue its advocacy work with government and other key stakeholders until this ground-breaking technique is available to Australians affected by mito.

Read more about the review in an article published in WA Today: “State to rewrite outdated laws on surrogacy, reproduction”. The article was also published online in the Brisbane Times, Canberra Times, Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age.

Thank you to the members of the mito community who have brought the issue of mitochondrial donation to the attention of their local MPs. If you are interested in being part of this important initiative and are able to meet with your local MP please email

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