Developing functional systems biology approaches to complement diagnosis of mitochondrial disease

$15,750 AUD

22/02/2019 → 16/04/2021

Scholar: Daniella Hock

Mitochondrial disease occurs when the mitochondria – the power plants of cells – fail to produce enough energy for cell…

Viral infection in mitochondrial disease

$75,000 AUD

01/02/2019 → 01/02/2021

Researcher: Dr Tara Richman

Dysfunctional mitochondria cause a diverse group of multi-system human pathologies that often result in severe, progressive and lethal diseases for…

Pathogenesis Associated with Dysfunctional Mitochondrial Protein Import

$18,000 AUD

08/01/2018 → 08/01/2021

Scholar: Thomas Jackson

Understanding how mitochondria work is the key to finding treatments and cures for the many types of mitochondrial diseases (mito).…

Regulation of one carbon metabolism in Sengers syndrome

$25,000 AUD

01/01/2020 → 31/12/2020

Researcher: Diana Stojanovski

Mitochondrial diseases are a major health burden with a prevalence rate of at least 1 in 5,000. These devastating diseases…

Functional Genomics in Gene Discovery and Clinical Practice

$287,469 AUD

01/09/2018 → 30/08/2020

Researcher: Professor David Thorburn

This project will focus on improving translation of genomics into optimal clinical practice by addressing the following issues: Improved genomic…

Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of whole genome sequencing for the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease

$150,000 AUD

20/06/2018 → 20/06/2020

Researcher: Dr Deborah Schofield

It is anticipated that this research will increase accessibility to early intervention, and completely transform the way mito is treated.…

30 Years of Paediatric Mitochondrial Disease in Australia

$125,000 AUD

02/02/2019 → 02/02/2020

Utility of FGF21 and GDF15 as Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers

$90,293 AUD

01/03/2016 → 01/10/2019

Mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders (MRCD) are a  group of disorders often causing multi-system disease. Diagnosis is often difficult and requires…

Could Stem Cell-Derived Tissue Cultures Replace Animal Models

$24,627 AUD

01/10/2018 → 01/09/2019

Researcher: Dr Vijay Rajagopal

Mitochondrial disease patients present a wide range of symptoms and across different organ systems that make it difficult to diagnose…

Building a National Clinical Database

$75,000 AUD

01/06/2018 → 30/06/2019

Researcher: Professor Carolyn Sue

The lack of knowledge about mitochondrial disease (mito) means that it is extremely difficult to assess the effectiveness of treatments…