Families living with rare chronic disease: health related out-of-pocket expenses

$9,150 AUD

01/01/2015 → 31/12/2015

A/Prof Zuryinski is currently the deputy director of the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit (APSU), located at Westmead Children’s Hospital. She…

Generation of new mouse models of mitochondrial DNA disease

$25,000 AUD

01/04/2014 → 31/08/2015

Dr McKenzie is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at Monash Institute of Medical Research-Prince Henry’s Institute in Melbourne, Victoria.…

FGF-21 in mitochondrial disease diagnosis and pathophysiology

$25,000 AUD

25/07/2014 → 01/08/2015

Dr Ryan Davis is investigating new diagnostic tools for mitochondrial disease (mito.). Dr Davis is a New South Wales Health…

Treatment trials in the Ndufs6gt/gt mouse model

$25,000 AUD

16/07/2014 → 15/07/2015

Dr Ke has completed five years of post-doctoral training, and has published nine peer-reviewed journal articles. Her research focuses on…

Massively Parallel Sequencing to understand the genetic basis of mitochondrial disorders

$22,500 AUD

01/09/2011 → 01/06/2015

In Australia, on average, one child a week is born with a mitochondrial disorder. For many of these patients the…

The spatiotemporal characterisation of signalling pathways in mammalian mitophagy

$6,912 AUD

28/05/2014 → 14/04/2015

Ben’s project aims to characterise the physiological relationship between form and function in mitophagy. Mitophagy is a quality control process,…

Gene Discovery and Functional Studies of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Disorders

$103,527 AUD

12/04/2010 → 01/02/2015

Mitochondrial respiratory chain (RC) disorders are among the most common inborn errors of metabolism with an estimated incidence of 1…

MitoSciences Dipstick Reader

$14,089 AUD

01/05/2014 → 01/05/2014

The dipstick reader is able to read strips which contain antibodies specific to mitochondrial proteins. By doing so, it is…

Investigation of the pathogenic effects of mutations in the polymerase gamma gene

$90,000 AUD

01/02/2010 → 01/02/2014

Mitochondrial dysfunction causes a range of early-onset neurological conditions and contributes to neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson Disease. The mechanisms…

Seahorse Bioscience XF Analyser

$55,000 AUD

01/04/2013 → 01/04/2013

The Seahorse Bioscience XF Analyser is able to test small tissue samples, cells, or mitochondria. It can test up to…