Stem cell model of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy

$25,000 AUD

01/01/2015 → 01/04/2016

Dr Wong received funding from the Mito Foundation to research a treatment for Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), one of…

Molecular diagnosis of human mitochondrial disease

$25,000 AUD

01/03/2015 → 01/03/2016

Genes are the molecular blueprint for our bodies. Genes code for proteins, which are the building blocks for muscle, tissue,…

Preventing the transmission of mutant mitochondrial DNA

$25,000 AUD

01/04/2014 → 31/01/2016

Professor St John’s previous research has produced groundbreaking results in the field of mitochondrial DNA and development. He has extensively…

Families living with rare chronic disease: health related out-of-pocket expenses

$9,150 AUD

01/01/2015 → 31/12/2015

A/Prof Zuryinski is currently the deputy director of the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit (APSU), located at Westmead Children’s Hospital. She…

Generation of new mouse models of mitochondrial DNA disease

$25,000 AUD

01/04/2014 → 31/08/2015

Dr McKenzie is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow at Monash Institute of Medical Research-Prince Henry’s Institute in Melbourne, Victoria.…

FGF-21 in mitochondrial disease diagnosis and pathophysiology

$25,000 AUD

25/07/2014 → 01/08/2015

Dr Ryan Davis is investigating new diagnostic tools for mitochondrial disease (mito.). Dr Davis is a New South Wales Health…

Treatment trials in the Ndufs6gt/gt mouse model

$25,000 AUD

16/07/2014 → 15/07/2015

Dr Ke has completed five years of post-doctoral training, and has published nine peer-reviewed journal articles. Her research focuses on…

Massively Parallel Sequencing to understand the genetic basis of mitochondrial disorders

$22,500 AUD

01/09/2011 → 01/06/2015

In Australia, on average, one child a week is born with a mitochondrial disorder. For many of these patients the…

The spatiotemporal characterisation of signalling pathways in mammalian mitophagy

$6,912 AUD

28/05/2014 → 14/04/2015

Ben’s project aims to characterise the physiological relationship between form and function in mitophagy. Mitophagy is a quality control process,…

Gene Discovery and Functional Studies of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Disorders

$103,527 AUD

12/04/2010 → 01/02/2015

Mitochondrial respiratory chain (RC) disorders are among the most common inborn errors of metabolism with an estimated incidence of 1…