The Mito Foundation supports people impacted by mito to participate in clinical studies. This includes facilitating access to relevant studies such as clinical trials. These are an essential part of developing new ways to prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure mito.

By participating in a study, you can contribute directly to important medical advancements. The findings from these studies can enhance your health outcomes. They can also benefit the mito community.

There has already been significant progress in mito research. Learn more about the impact of Mito Foundation funded research.

Stay informed

Join the Mito Registry to stay informed about opportunities to take part in clinical studies relevant to you. 

By joining the registry you can contribute towards possible treatments for mito. The Mito Registry's main goal is to gather patient data to bring clinical trials to Australia. This will help enable access to the newest treatments.

Types of clinical studies

Clinical studies include research studies and clinical trials.

Research studies

Research studies may include completing a survey and participating in a focus group. These studies can involve various activities. They are designed to answer important questions and discover new information.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are a type of research study. They test new medical interventions or treatments. Clinical trials are an important step in the research process. They measure the safety and effectiveness of medical interventions or treatments before they can become public.

Current studies