The Mito Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our Patient Pathways Program to meet the mito community’s ever-growing need for information and support. Michele Hemmings joins the foundation to lead this valuable new service for our community.

Patient Pathways

What is the Patient Pathways Program?

The Patient Pathways Program is a federal government initiative funded by the Centre For Community-Driven Research (CCDR) which aims to increase the capacity of patient organisations to help patients navigate the health system and access all that is available to them, including clinical trials.

As a recipient of a grant from CCDR, the Mito Foundation can now provide a tailored Patient Pathways Program offering centralised and coordinated care to the mito community.

The program provides support to the community in the following areas:

  • Assistance with navigating the healthcare system to access all the relevant services that are available
  • Education and information provision
  • Guidance to develop a patient's ability and confidence to proactively manage their condition
  • Social and emotional support for patients and their families
  • Support of patient care with external healthcare organisations and facilities
  • Support for ongoing patient care with families and carers following hospital admission, discharge, and accident and/or emergency visits
It is important to note that the program will not provide treatment advice. The main objective is to develop tailored care plans, provide practical and emotional support, education and connection with existing services.


Call our helpline now on 1300 977 180 to discuss how the program could benefit you.

Image of Michele

Meet Michele Hemmings

Michele has over 25 years of experience in nursing and has helped many patients navigate the complexities of the health care system. She has a diverse background across paediatric, adolescent and family centred care with extensive experience in chronic healthcare.

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We appreciate the additional support from Qantas Side by Side, the James N Kirby Foundation and two other private foundations.