Ben Padman


Benjamin Padman


Monash University


Dr Georg Ramm and Dr Mark Prescott

Project Name

Neuropathogenic mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction

Project Details

Ben’s project aims to characterise the physiological relationship between form and function in mitophagy. Mitophagy is a quality control process, where new mitochondria are created and old or dysfunctional mitochondria are degraded. If these dysfunctional mitochondria are not degraded, they can lead to a build-up which can lead to damaged components and DNA. These damaged components can then spread to other networks of the body, resulting in disorders such as mitochondrial disease. Ben’s work will look at the relationship between mitochondria and mitophagy. Using several techniques that will stimulate dysfunction in single mitochondria cells, he hopes to discover the spatiotemporal organisation of mitochondria during mitophagy.