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PhD Top-up Scholarships

The Mito Foundation offers PhD Top-up Scholarships in an attempt to attract Australia’s best young scientists to the field of mitochondrial disease (mito). By encouraging scientists at the beginning of their career, the goal is that they will make their careers in mito research.

The Mito Foundation supports students by providing a flexible scholarship program. Recipients of these scholarships may investigate a range of different areas and all have one ultimate goal – to be part of the solution in finding a cure and effective treatment for mito.

Mito Foundation PhD Top-up Scholarships “top up” researchers' existing National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Australian Research Council (ARC) or similar scholarships. Mito Foundation PhD Top-up Scholarships are comprised of two components:

  • a top-up stipend amount of A$5,000 per year
  • a total travel allowance amount of A$5,000

Funding Round, Applications and Report Templates

Funding Rounds

We are transitioning our Quarterly Grant Round to a Bi-annual Grant Round. This means application rounds for this grant will open twice a year. The next funding round for these grants will now open in February 2024.

Application Eligibility

1. Research must be focused on primary mitochondrial disease.
2. All application information must be submitted.


We are currently updating the application form.

Please call (02) 8033 4113 if you have any queries.

Report Templates

Please contact if you require additional information regarding your existing grant reporting requirements.

Funded PhD Top-up Scholarships

Investigation of the pathogenic effects of mutations in the polymerase gamma gene

$90,000 AUD

01/02/2010 → 01/02/2014

Scholar: Paula Woodbridge

Mitochondrial dysfunction causes a range of early-onset neurological conditions and contributes to neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson Disease. The mechanisms…