PBI-Shredder O2k Set

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$12,800 AUD

17/05/2019 →

Research Equipment

PBI-Shredder O2k Set

Research Institution

Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research

Equipment Details

The PBI-Shredder is a device for the fast and gentle disruption of tissues for isolating intact, functional mitochondrial from even the most difficult of samples. The PBI shredder can be applied to a wide range of samples including patient cells and tissue biopsies for high reproducibility of mitochondrial yield and mitochondrial function in order to improve our investigation into the diagnosis and understanding of mitochondrial disease. The availability of high quality samples will lead to more accurate molecular diagnosis and improved validation of pathologies that cause mitochondrial disease inpatients. Furthermore the PBI Shredder will reduce labour intensive and time-consuming methods of preparation, while creating highly reproducible data