The Mito Foundation is the only organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering people affected by mitochondrial disease (mito) in Australia. It provides resources and support services for people impacted by mito, and their families, while increasing awareness and understanding of this devastating disease. The foundation aims to transform outcomes for the mito community by driving meaningful change and funding essential research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cures of mitochondrial disorders.

Mito Foundation was founded in 2009 by Doug and Margie Lingard, their friends, and experts in the field of mitochondrial disease (mito). Doug and Margie have tragically lost a son and daughter to mito.

Together with its generous supporters and volunteers, Mito Foundation’s passionate team is committed to creating a brighter future for the mito community.

Our Purpose

To end the suffering from mitochondrial disease.

Our Vision

To be the catalyst for energy, hope and cures for every Australian impacted by mitochondrial disease.

Our Values

Excellence: We strive to be the best, operating with professionalism, impact focus, accountability and transparency to deliver the best outcomes.

Commitment: We drive towards our goals, unwavering in our dedication and urgency to make a difference for those affected by mito.

Compassion: We show support for everyone impacted by mito, demonstrating empathy, genuine care and kindness.

Collaboration: We work together for the greater good, sharing information and partnering openly, internally and externally. 

Gratitude: We are accountable for the support we receive at all levels by appropriately acknowledging its impact and generously expressing our appreciation. 

Strategic Pillars


Improve the experience for mito patients and families by offering a range of Mito Foundation and community generated activities that result in the mito community feeling cared for, heard, supported and empowered.


Drive research into mito by identifying and funding strategic research initiatives that improve diagnosis and treatment and translate into preventions and cures.


Transform outcomes for mito patients and families by advocating and educating appropriate stakeholders to achieve equitable access to high quality diagnosis, treatment and support.


Strengthen our organisation through excellent governance, financial security, capacity and capability.