The Mito Foundation supports research and clinical work in the field of primary mitochondrial disease (mito). We are working towards preventions, treatments, and cures for mito.

Since 2010, we have committed more than A$8 million to support researchers and clinicians around the world. Today, Mito Foundation is the second largest philanthropic funder of mito research worldwide. Learn more about our grant program and funding opportunities.

We fund strategic and meaningful research and clinical work. Learn more about our impact.

This work is made possible through the generosity of our supporters. Help us continue to fund essential mito research by donating today.

Connecting the mito community with research

We fund work which reflects the mito community's needs and priorities. Read our Community Engagement Approach for more information.

Contribute towards a brighter future for the mito community. Join the Mito Registry to be contacted about relevant clinical studies.

By participating in a clinical study, you can contribute to important medical advancements. Results can help improve health outcomes for you and the mito community. 

Meet our researchers

Information for researchers

Mito Foundation supports projects across all research areas, including discovery, clinical medicine and science, health services and public health. We welcome high quality proposals directly relevant to mito from research scientists, clinicians, and allied health professionals.

The objective of the Mito Foundation Research & Medical Grant Program is to achieve the maximum possible impact by funding the world’s best research into mito across four priority areas:

Working with the mito community

Mito Foundation works closely with the mito community and can help researchers understand community priorities. Learn more about the mito community voice.

For research directly involving mito community members, we encourage researchers to consider some key aspects of mito as they plan their work. Read our Understanding mito for researchers guide for more information.

AussieMit 2024

Join us at AussieMit 2024, Australia's premier mitochondrial conference. It will take place 26 – 29 November at Melbourne Museum. Connect with researchers, health professionals, and those impacted by mitochondrial disease. After AussieMit, attend the 3rd annual Mito Community Summit hosted by the Mito Foundation. Learn more about the Mito Community Summit here.

Shape the future of mito research with us!

We offer a range of funding opportunities for research focussed on primary mitochondrial disease.

We work with national and international partners to improve the lives of mito communities across the world.