Preparing for school

There are some important steps to take before your child starts school. Find out more with these helpful resources.

If you need any assistance or someone to talk to, contact our Helpline. Call 1300 977 180 or submit a Helpline request form.

Considerations for your child at school information sheet

A resource for parents who are about to start their educational journey, or children who may be starting at a new school.

About Me — school introduction template

A letter of introduction of your child to their teacher. It provides room for the child to share some information about themselves, and what works for them in the classroom.

How to organise an Individual Education Plan

This resource, from the Association for Children with Disability covers the ins-and-outs of what an IEP is, who is involved in making the plan, putting it into action and keeping it up to date.

At school

Advocating for your child at school information sheet

A resource for children already enrolled in school. It provides advice and tips on how to navigate some of the challenges kids with mito can face at school.

Managing mito at school information sheet

A resource with tips to help children manage mito symptoms at school. 

School information, for children with mito videos

Watch Michele Hemmings, Mito Foundations Pathways Telehealth Nurse, share advice to advocate for children at school to ensure they are getting the best support.

Mito 4 Kids is a school education pack for children in years K-6. The program is designed to help school aged children, their parents and teachers better understand the needs of children who are affected by mito at school.

The Mito 4 Kids pack is available to view here, alternatively we can send a pack to you. Please provide your details below.

Other resources

1. Mito students living with a genetic condition: a guide for parents

This guide, developed by Genetic Alliance (U.S), assists parents in developing letters for their child’s teachers, coaches/P.E teachers and school nurses. As this is a resources from the U.S, some aspects might not be applicable or may need to be adjusted to suit your child’s situation.

2. All Play Learn

Includes extensive information about supporting children transitioning between schools, managing student anxiety, and information for within the classroom for children with disabilities.

3. Understanding the energy/sensory connection: mitochondrial disease

A short article explaining how children work when suffering with mitochondrial disease. It explains that children with mito often seem like they are ‘zoning out’ when in fact they are experiencing very typical symptoms of mitochondrial.

4. Independent Education Plan Resources

The Victorian government has extensive resources on Independent Education plans, including a summary guide, key terms explainer, and a template. Whilst these resources are aimed at those in Victoria, those from other states can still find them useful.

5. Missing School

This organisation helps children who can't attend school because they're ill or injured. They work to make sure they get the support they need. This support can be from their families, teachers, and friends. They provide information and events to help families.


Sometimes health complications can disrupt a child's education. The National Insight for Education Directory is aimed at providing information to the families of these children. It provides access to information about hundreds of medical, health, mental and support services.


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Date published: 17 January 2024