Mito Foundation is working with The Centre for International Economics to report on the economic impact of mitochondrial disease (mito).

By sharing your experience, you can raise awareness of the many ways that mito affects the lives of individuals, families and communities around Australia.

Your input will inform our economic impact report. We will share this report with politicians, researchers and other decision makers to show the impact of mito and secure support for meaningful change.

Get involved by joining an online discussion with the project team on either 30 or 31 August. It should take about one hour of your time. The discussion will cover:

  • what changed for you when you (or someone you care for) received a diagnosis of mito
  • the way that mito has impacted on your overall health and wellbeing
  • how mito affects your everyday life, including education, work and your social life
  • the support you need from family and friends and others
  • how often you visit different health professionals including specialists, your GP, hospitals and allied health.

The discussion will also give you an opportunity to share your hopes for this project.