Last July, the Peer Support Network was created to offer individualised support for mito community members, by mito community members. Sometimes the best person to talk to is someone who understands what it is like to live with mitochondrial disease (mito).

Since the network's establishment, mito community members have raised their hands and become a mentor to others seeking support. We reached out to our mentors and mentees to ask about their thoughts on the service.

From a Peer Support Mentor

"Being a mentor with the Mito Foundation is a real privilege, and I hope my small contribution makes a difference. We can get just as much from being mentors as we can from being mentees. I am finding the experience an extremely positive one, and I am grateful to have this opportunity."

From a Peer Support Mentee

"I would say it's a great opportunity to get to know others like yourself. People that understand what you're going through and can give advice, listen to you with genuine understanding, and just have a fun chat if that's what you're after."

There are always plenty of chances to join the Peer Support Network as a mentor or mentee. Our Peer Support Coordinator, Laura, will work with you to access tailored support. Please know you are never alone with mito. A whole community is waiting to support you on your journey.

If you would like to learn more about the Peer Support Network, please visit our dedicated webpage.