The Mito Foundation is pleased to offer mitochondrial disease (mito) patients a unique opportunity to contribute to the effective implementation of clinical standards of care for mito in Australia.

This project, funded by Mito Foundation and led by Professor John Christodoulou, aims to establish the best approach to implementing new Australian guidelines, adapted from the US health system for the Australian context by leading Australian mitochondrial disease experts.

Online focus groups will be held throughout June to seek the input of Australian mito patients with a confirmed genetic diagnosis.

This is a great opportunity to share your experiences and help shape clinical practice for all Australian mito patients. To register your interest in participating in an upcoming focus group, please complete the form below.

Standards of Care Focus Groups Registration

    All focus groups will be held digitally.

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Registering for the Mito Registry will ensure patients have the earliest possible opportunity to enter any relevant study or clinical trial.  Please click here to register.