Patients with mitochondrial disease commonly experience exercise intolerance and fatigue. There are limited therapeutic options for these problems and research efforts are focused on developing treatments.

The STRIDE study is one such research project. It is an international multicenter Phase 2b clinical drug trial in patients with mitochondrial disease comparing investigational study drug with a placebo (dummy drug).

Australia has been selected for recruitment of volunteer adult patients with mitochondrial disease who have a confirmed mitochondrial DNA mutation and involvement of their muscles (myopathy).

Patients need to be able to walk to complete the assessments (a walking aide is allowed if required). The study drug is in a capsule formulation and the treatment duration is for 24 weeks (with total study duration of up to 36 weeks).

Further information regarding the study is available online and the local Australian trial centers are contactable for further enquiries:


Calvary Health Care Bethlehem, Parkdale


Phone: 03 9595 3259

Alfred Hospital


Phone: 03 9903 0897



Royal North Shore Hospital


Phone: 02 9463 1827



Royal Adelaide Hospital

Phone: 08 7074 4404