Mito Support Services

Support services for diagnosed and undiagnosed mitochondrial disease patients

Our dedicated Patient Pathways Nurse will work with you to develop a tailor-made care plan to provide support, education and connection with other services.

Join the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Patient Registry. Should you wish to join the Registry, you’ll need to provide information on your diagnosis.

Attend a support event in your local area, including Information Days, Support Groups and Mito Connect Calls.


Many experts refer to mitochondrial disease (mito) as the ‘notorious masquerader’ because it mimics so many other different illnesses.

The Mito Foundation believes there are thousands of patients in Australia, who are un- or misdiagnosed and do not have access to the specialist care they desperately need.


Call the Mito Helpline to talk to a support officer for general advice, assistance in seeking a referral or more information on Mito Foundation support services.

Find a medical professional in your local area, we have collated a list of professionals from around Australia.

Attend a support event in your local area, including Information Days, Mito Meet-ups and Mito Connect Calls.


Experience the power of community with our range of connect services including Mito Meet-ups, Connect Calls and Facebook Groups.


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Mito Connect Call – Reproductive options for people with mitochondrial disease

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Perth Mito Information Day 2021

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Digital Mito Parents Meet-up – June

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Digital Tasmania Mito Meet-up – July 2021

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